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I'm an Integrative (mind & body) Life Coach dedicated to helping women love their lives.

For as long as I can remember I've known that I was put on this earth to help others. But when I was studying to be a psychiatrist a man committed suicide while on a distress line with me and all my dreams fell apart.

I thought I had killed him with my incompetence and that if someone else had been on that phone he would still be alive.

I felt so much shame.

I changed majors and closed off any desires to be a therapist. My heart felt broken and I trudged forward with a lot of fear.

A few years later anyone looking in from the outside would have said that I had a "good life". I was a teacher and married to a guy in the military. We had two kids and I was pregnant with our third.

But on the inside I was completely miserable.

My marriage was falling apart, I felt painfully unfulfilled in my career and I woke up most days feeling exhausted and sad. I had virtually given up and thought I had "made my bed" so to speak.

But then the unthinkable happened and my life was flipped upside down.

When I was five months pregnant my 1yr old daughter started having seizures and was diagnosed with a frontal lobe brain tumour. Not long after that my marriage fell apart and I was left to support and care for my three kids on my own. I was terrified and knew that I needed help.

It was then that I found life coaching & my eyes were opened to possibility I had never even imagined was available for me. 

Even though my life appeared to be falling apart I was growing a sense of identity, strength and resilience.

I was finding me again!

I learned how to think on purpose and feel all of my emotions - even the most painful ones. And ultimately I learned that through it all I didn't have to suffer.

Furthermore, using the tools I learned as a coach, I created a 6 figure income in a network marketing company. I've travelled the world, met the most amazing people and created a life that I was proud of.

But something was still missing.

One night I asked my Mom to watch my kids and I went to her cabin - and cried my eyes out. I realized then that I was still believing thoughts that weren't serving me about the man who killed himself and these thoughts were paralyzing me from doing what I deeply knew I was born to do - to coach!

Here's the thing. It didn't take long to process and heal from these thoughts. The awareness was enough and I coached my butt off to complete freedom.

I now believe that the man called into the line to be with someone as he ended his life - he didn’t want to be alone.

His mind was already made up and God knew I was capable of healing from the trauma.

I now feel capable ... and empowered.

Coaching helped set me free and continues to be the only reason I am able to rise from my circumstances to create the exact life I desire.

I Believe That

Your thoughts create your feelings and ultimately your results.

You have everything it takes to reach your goals, radiate confidence and adore your life.

I can show you how!

Is my life perfect and am I happy all the time.  HELL NO! That isn't the point.

Who I am is a woman who is full of all the emotions that life has to offer - the good, the "bad" and the ugly. I cry, I feel, I laugh, I grieve and I celebrate.

I know that no matter what comes my way I have my own back and have the capacity to thrive through it all.

And I believe without a doubt that you can too!  I now dedicate my time to helping other women, like you, learn the exact tools that I used to transform my life and it would be my honour to coach you.

You deserve to live your best life!

I am here for you

Let's do this!

Click the button below and well set up a time to talk. ♥

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